August 15, 2013

Biotron's new capsule formula enhances antiviral delivery by 160%


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Biotron (ASX:BIT) has completed a Phase 1 study using a new capsule formulation to deliver its lead HCV and HIV drug BIT225, with blood levels of the drug 160% higher than the previous powder formulation.

BIT225 is a novel compound which has recorded positive data in separate Phase 2 trials targeting the hepatitis C virus and HIV.

The new capsule is associated with reproducible absorption, and allows a lower dosage to be administered whilst achieving a higher concentration of the compound in the bloodstream.

The recent Phase 2a HIV study demonstrated that BIT225 is able to target the HIV virus 'hiding' in reservoir cells, which is regarded the 'holy grail' of current HIV research. No existing therapy is known to work in this manner.

The new capsule formulation has the potential to further enhance the already positive safety profile of BIT225, and the results will facilitate extended trials in larger patient populations.
The new BIT225 capsules are to be used in a three month Phase 2b trial of the drug on Hepatitis C patients later this year.

Today's results are value accretive, while positive results from the trial, particularly if the enhanced bio-availabilty is replicated seamlessly, will be a significant milestone for the company.


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