December 8, 2017

Where I Have Been, and I Am back.



It has been a few years since I have been here to the blog. I went back to school to work on a second BS degree and finally get my MS degree. It did not all work out according to plan though, My health decided to interfere last year so I took some off from school. May 2016 I had my 11 year post  PCR and still SVR. I also had a liver MRI done which showed 3 separate subcentimeter lesions. Let’s move ahead now to December 1st of this year, last Friday, 8 days ago …. I had a follow up MRI which showed early HCC. I have a 1.3cm mass and also a .9mm indeterminate mass. I am in the process of being referred to UNC Chapel Hill. My MRI results and other records are being reviewed there now and I am just waiting to find out who I will be seeing there and for my first appointment to be scheduled.

My plan is to start back posting research on the blog again. It is what I feel I need to get back to doing. All the research I have done over the years has helped me to become the best advocate I can be for myself and to help others.

Well, time to start researching and posting. It is good to be back.

Patricia Emory

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