November 16, 2013

The Effect of Vitamin E (Mixed Tocotrienol) on the Liver Stiffness Measurement Measured by Transient Elastography (FibroScan) among NAFLD Patients



Speaker: Eduward E.J. Thendiono

Author: Eduward Jansen Thendiono, Marylin Arguillas

Affiliation: Internal Medicine, Davao Doctors Hospital, Davao City, Philippines

Session: Distinguished Posters - NAFLD

Date: Friday - June 07, 2013 13:30-14:00

Location: Exhibition Hall

Subtopic: Clinical

Topic: NAFLD

Introduction: Vitamin E has been shown to slow down progression or cause regression of fibrosis stage among NAFLD patients. Transient Elastography (FibroScan) is a non-invasive tool that has been used to determine the stage of fibrosis among NAFLD patients and may be used for treatment monitoring.

Methods: NAFLD patients diagnosed by ultrasound who met the inclusion criteria were enrolled in the study. Liver Stiffness Measurement (LSM) was measured by FibroScan at base line and at the end of 3 months. A change in the LSM was the primary objective. Chi Square analysis was used to measure the change of LSM pre and post treatment. P value less than 0.05 was considered significant.

Patients were assigned to either the Life style Modification Advice Group (LMAG)—with nutritional counseling and advise to exercise—or the Treatment Group (Vitamin E as Mixed Tocotrienol 100 mg daily for 3 months plus lifestyle modification advise).

Result: Fifty-seven percent (38/67) of patients enrolled in both arms of the study improved --with decrease in their LSM measurements -- but 43% (29 of 67) did not.

Of those who improved 79% (30 / 38) were from the Treatment Group (Vitamin E) and 21% (8 / 38) were from the LMAG.

Twenty -nine (29) patients did not improve: 79% (23/29) from LMAG and only 6/29 (21%) from the Treatment Group. Chi-square analysis showed that treatment with Vitamin E had a significant effect (p= < 0.05) on improvement of LSM.

Conclusion: Vitamin E (mixed Tocotrienol) 100 mg daily for 3 months could decrease the LSM among NAFLD patients.


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