October 10, 2012

HCV - Whats Coming

Provided by NATAP.org

from Jules of NATAP: Next month in November the big annual liver meeting AASLD will take place, where we will see the latest new data on new HCV therapies. We already know from the European EASL meeting held in April 2012 that interferon-free therapy regimens composed of 2-4 new oral drugs will be developed. There are 6 new HCV drugs in phase 3 now: 3 new once-daily protease inhibitors, a potent first-in-class NS5A inhibitor, a potent first-in-class nucleotide, and the new PegLambda. In addition right behind this in phase 2b & 2a are many new HCV oral drugs including potent protease inhibitors, NS5A inhibitors, non-nucleoside polymerase inhibitors, a nucleoside, as well as a newly developed 2nd nucleotide. At EASL we received the first new data reporting 90% to 100% cure rates with interferon-free regimens of 2-4 new oral drugs. But this was data from the initial regimens, much improved regimens will be developed so this year at AASLD we will see early developments of these newer & better regimens to be. But we will see in the future highly optimized regimens, which will provide as much as 100% cure rates. For patients who are the most difficult to treat and who have usually failed previous therapies, including patients with cirrhosis, it will be more challenging to find 100% cure regimens, but researchers are intent on accomplishing this & I predict we will be able to do this either with interferon or IFN-free. In fact research results already showed as much as 100% cure rates with QUAD in highly experienced patients with 2 new oral HCV drugs + pegIFN/RBV, so it is doable but I think we will find better regimens as well for these hardest to treat patients. The new peginterferon called PegLambda is in phase 3, and looked in phase 2 to be more tolerable than the current peginterferons on the market.

Here are links to tables & discussions of these new drugs, including links to all the data presented for each drug.

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