January 30, 2014

Detox the Liver with These Top Five Foods

Michael Healey January 30, 2014

A new report and video released by Detoxdieter.org details the importance of cleansing the liver and shares the top foods that detox the liver

(Newswire.net -- January 30, 2014) Boston, MA -- The liver is one of the most vital organs in the human body, taking care of an estimated 500 essential functions.  The liver also tends to be one of the most misunderstood and mistreated organs.  The Top 5 Foods to Detox the Liver supports the natural detox of this essential organ.

Regulating the chemicals in the blood, breaking down and absorbing fats, and making nutrients easier to process are only a few of the liver’s responsibilities.  As blood flows through the body, it filters through the liver.  Medicines, toxins, poisons and harmful chemicals are filtered from the blood in an effort to protect the body from harmful effects.

The liver also stores and processes glucose, accessing it as needed by the body; removes ammonia from the body; filters toxins, pesticides and chemicals from the blood; and supports the immune system by removing potentially dangerous bacteria from the blood.

Liver disease is often connected to consuming too much alcohol.  Surprisingly, while consuming too much alcohol can cause liver damage, it is not the leading cause.  Excess consumption of sugar has demonstrated to be the leading contributor to liver damage.

Sugar contributes liver damage more often than alcohol.  Approximately one quarter of the people in the United States are affected by fatty liver disease, often leading to cancer or even failure of the liver.

There are many natural ways to protect the health of the liver; eating natural liver cleansing foods is a great start.  The top foods to consider when eating for liver health are detailed in an article and supporting video on Detoxdieter.org.


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