December 5, 2013

I'm coming out ... A Poem by Nancy Burklin

By Nancy Burklin

If someone were to tell you
they had cancer to treat
would you hug them tight
or run away down the street?

There are so many chronic illnesses
that society doesn't blink
but if I tell you I have one
what would you think???

Would you run from or to me,
or talk behind my back?
ask me in a mean voice
"How did you get THAT???"

My friends will understand me,
others will fear my situation,
Others may walk away
others will show dedication...

Don't judge me or shun me
just try to understand
I have to find a way to beat it
will you help me if you can???

I can't keep this in the closet
I can't do this alone,
I need your love and support
not left out on my own.

I have Hepatitis C
my liver is fighting mad
my body is in turmoil
that's why I've been feeling bad.

Much like chemo to cancer
my treatment will be mean,
there will be good days
some days I'll want to scream.

My body will be under attack
from the meds that I will take
but I want to be well and live
of that make no mistake.

If you have questions, ask them
please just don't assume
that if you hang around me
you will get this too.

I don't have all the answers yet
I have to take it day to day
But I'm asking you my friends
please don't walk away.

If you think you can't handle it
that's ok too
I don't need negativity...move on
if that's what I'll get from you.

I don't need to be scolded
don't talk down to me please
I've done that to myself already
I'm down on my knees.

I can't change the past
or make this just disappear
but to fight this fight
I need my loved ones right here.

Peace of mind and love of life
that's what will get me through,
This is where I'm at,
I had to share it with you.

Nancy 12-04-13

I wrote this for my friends who are going through life changing battles...who are "afraid" of what people will think.  We HAVE to surround ourselves with "positive" and we don't need the stress of "hiding" to hinder our chances of beating this thing. The treatment has many side effects and if you read up on it you will see that it IS like chemo...mood changing, body aching, rashes, insomnia, not to mention what it will do to blood counts causing weakness, muscle spasms, weight loss, hair loss, etc... You cannot catch it just by being in the same room with a person infected, precautions are a must of course but an infected person doesn't have to live in seclusion or a hermit life. We are human beings and worthy of living like everyone else.  Society is not nice to people like us we shouldn't have to serve a life sentence for bad choices we made in the past (and many have NEVER done drugs...) You are told growing up that for every decision you make in life there are consequences...this is true. So, by me being open with you and sharing this with you maybe just maybe someone will be saved from this fate...and people will be educated about Hepatitis and not so quick to judge or push it under a rug. It's real and there are sooooo many people who have been fighting it for years and many who have won the battle. So if a friend or loved one opens up to you about this...please listen, love and support them WIN!!!!!!!!   Nancy Burklin

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  1. That was beautiful...there were so many ways and reasons I'm hcv positive and the reasons don't most of lifes decisions, some were foolish and some downright heroic...eitherway, here we are. I'm just getting started on this journey and your poem meant a great deal to me and my own understanding.