December 5, 2013

Living with Hepatitis C and Its’ Effects

December 05, 2013

Hi everyone, I'm 30 years old I'm from a beautiful small country where we have a big problem with HCV. We are two million people but is sad that statistics show 20% of population here have HCV and  I'm one of them. I have chronic HCV genotype 3 more then 13 years, last year had a biopsy and results were Cellular Fibrosis in early stage. Doctors put me on waiting list and I was waiting for one year tomorrow for the first meeting with my doctor. Now I have to take another test and if all is ok I will start with therapy with Interferon with ribivarin. I'm a little scared but with your support I'm sure gonna help me a lot thank you.

Now for my symptoms: For 10 years I did not have any symptoms but for the last three years I have been living in hell because of my illness so I decided to go in hospital. I see and realize that this virus is dangerous and if I not have the symptoms I'm sure that I would not ask for help? First start with alopecia, I lost a lot of my hair but am lucky for my hair again grew. Then my arms become swollen but this symptom was gone after a month. Then I started to itch, my skin on my legs and is like this is every day. For the whole year I felt like something eat me inside in my body. I fell pain in right side of abdomen energy is zero and nothing helps me.

For last two mounts I take silimarin, aronija, blueberry and other tea but symptoms is here they are not gone? Another symptom: my lymph nodes on my neck are swollen and I have white tongue and small bums on soft pilate in my mouth. I have red spots on my arms like spider webs on my skin when I  ask for help in hospital my doctor did some tests: the test of HIV, hepatitis B, syphilis, and immune test yet all was OK?

I don't have any virus only hepatitis C and doctors told me the most symptoms is not case by HCVhcv but is something else causing them? This answer confuses me and now I'm scared to start with standard therapy. Please tell me if somebody have similar symptoms like mine. That is my story and I wish all the best to all people I wish to we be healthy and happy. We are happy because have cure for hepatitis C and the new therapy is the best from God thank you.




  1. Can you go to another doctor? If your lymph nodes are swollen it seems to me your immune system is fighting something but your doctor insist your imune system test are OK. There is a illness people with hepc tend to get that causes spider web like red spots. He needs to test for that. It is called cryoglobulinemia (usually the type II form) it is an inflammation of small and medium-sized blood vessels. There are many Extrahepatic complications caused from having hepatitis c. Let me know what happens and I'll research some thngs.

  2. nothing very alarming have patience doctor after doing viral load study may start some midicines either shots or newly addred oral medicines

  3. You sound very sick. I have had Hep c geno.3 for over 30 years & I have never heard of anyone with your symptoms. is there a possibility you have cancer or something else ? I am so sorry for your experience .

    Also, while you are so sick, I would not recommend that you start Interferon/ Ribuvarin treatment. The reason is that the side effects can make you very sick & also depressed. You are not strong enough to cope with Interferon treatment, trust me.

    You need to go to the Hep c clinic at the hospital in the capital city of where you live. Can you do this?

    best of luck