December 1, 2013

Manaun Middleton: Road to Destruction

December 01, 2013

By Manaun Middleton


Ok we'll my story begun in my teen years.... I had a very unhappy childhood, never felt loved... My dad was an alcoholic and so I went into the streets looking for love.... I found myself hooked on heroin for 5 years... I was careful to use clean needles, but my addiction grew worse... By 23 I was we'll on my way to a road of destruction.... But then I met a wonderful man and he took me out of that life.... We married and had two boys. Some 30 years later I was at my doctor for my yearly check-up and he ran a full hepatitis panel on me.... When I received the results I was told I was hep c positive ...... I was shocked, it had layed dormant in my body all those years. And I have the rarest type geno type 4.... I have waited for 5 years for treatment and will be starting treatment the first of the year. I am stage 2- but I have never been much of a drinker so the damage to my liver is mild. My doctor told me if I had been a heavy drinker, I would already have serocis of the liver and would be dying.... I look forward to a full recovery.....


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