February 24, 2014

Gilead – “Forget Me Not” HCV Disease Activation Commercial

Gilead – “Forget Me Not” HCV Disease Activation Commercial from Gilead on Vimeo.
“Gilead is first to throw its hat into direct to consumer marketing for hepatitis C.”
This commercial (and campaign) is designed to get diagnosed patients to rethink treating their hepatitis C. And through empathy and understanding, we connect with hepatitis C patients and encourage them to take action by registering online at HepcHope.com and to talk to their gastroenterologist about scientific advances that may help them move on from hepatitis C.


  1. I am geno2 perfect for Sofosbuvir (sovaldi). The FDA approved this drug 12/6/13. Has this been given to any patients? I have Kaiser & I am waiting?!

    1. Yes it has, I know many who are doing it now. You should have no problem getting it and if you do have a co-pay, there is assistance through Gilead that makes it so that no matter what your co-pay is you only pay $5 US .

    2. I am starting sofosbuvir tomorrow hopefully, I did the interferon-Pegasys really did not like it at all and did not last.

  2. Great commercial! I was fortunate enough to be cured in Gilead's ION2 trial in 2013, and can hardly wait for the Sofosbuvir/Ledipasvir combo pill to be approved----for the sake of all the people I love who are still battling HCV.

  3. I have geno-type 1A with no indication of liver inflammation or scaring. I haven't had a drink in over 21 years, quit smoking 13 years ago and have exercised at least five times a week for 32 years. Which new medication seems best suited for me?