December 18, 2013

The treatment efficacy of pegylated interferon plus ribavirin therapy in chronic hepatitis C patients with mixed genotype 1/2 infection

J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2013 Dec 10. doi: 10.1111/jgh.12467. [Epub ahead of print]

Huang CI, Huang CF, Huang JF, Dai CY, Yeh ML, Hsieh MY, Lin ZY, Chen SC, Wang LY, Yu ML, Chuang WL.


BACKGROUND: The treatment efficacy of patients with mixed HCV genotype 1/genotype 2 (HCV-1/2) remains unknown.

AIM: We aimed to elucidate the sustained virological response (SVR) rate in patients with HCV-1/2 infection.

METHODS: 110 HCV-1/2 patients treated with response-guided peginterferon/ribavirin therapy (24 weeks for patients with a rapid virological response [RVR] and low viral loads; 48 weeks for patients without a RVR or high viral loads) were allocated. 200 HCV-1 patients were selected as a historical control. Interleukin-28B (IL-28B) rs8099917 genotype was tested for the association with an SVR.

RESULTS: The rates of RVR, SVR and relapse rate were 71.8%, 87.3% and 11.1%, respectively. The SVR rate was significantly higher in patients with an abbreviated regimen as compared with those with 48-week regimen (95.5% vs. 75.0 %, P=0.002), and both were similar to the HCV-1 historical control. Stepwise logistic regression analysis revealed that lower baseline viral loads was the single factor predictive of an RVR (odds ratio/95% confidence intervals [OR/CI] of 41.62/9.72-178.19, P<0.001). The achievement of an RVR was the single best factor predictive of an SVR (OR/CI: 7.5/1.33-42.27, P=0.02). Nevertheless, an abbreviated regimen became the single factor associated with an SVR if treatment regimen was taken into consideration (OR/CI: 11.0/1.25-96.79, P=0.03). The SVR rate did not differ between patients with rs8099917 TT and TG/GG genotype (91.7% vs. 87.5%, P=0.63).

CONCLUSIONS: The treatment efficacy of patients with HCV-1/2 was satisfactory. The role of IL-28B genetic variants in the population with response guided therapy was limited.

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KEYWORDS: HCV, IL-28B, RGT, mixed infection, treatment

PMID: 24325201 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]


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