September 2, 2013

10 Tips to Help Adjust Your Attitude for HCV

August 15, 2013

They say attitude is everything. They are right. Having a good attitude can help you get the job you want, find the love of your life and even fight chronic disease. Even though every authority on Hepatitis C highlights a positive outlook as the most important thing you can do for your health, many are left in the dark as to how to do this.

By Nicole Cutler L.Ac.

The messages we tell ourselves not only dictate our mood and behavior but can also have a powerful impact on physical health. As such, anyone struggling with a Hepatitis C diagnosis, symptoms or treatment will benefit from an attitude adjustment.

Medical experts agree that thoughts can lead physical health along their route. “It’s clear that stressors produce abnormal changes in the immune system,” said Ronald Glaser, director of Ohio State University’s Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research. Glaser and his wife, Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, a clinical psychologist also at Ohio State, studied the mind-body connection and found that chronic stress and psychological stress can impede wounds from healing, may impair the effectiveness of vaccines and can weaken the immune system of caregivers. A pioneer in the field, cardiologist and associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, Herbert Benson says, “Mind-body medicine is now scientifically proven.”

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