December 12, 2013

HealthStat Rx: Curing Hepatitis C (HCV) With Confidence


Dec. 12, 2013, 10:07 a.m. EST

HealthStat Rx puts its leading medication therapy management program to work for millions of HCV patients nationwide to leverage the latest treatments with cure rates up to 90 percent

ATLANTA, Dec 12, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- One of the nation's leading medication therapy management companies, HealthStat Rx, announces today it offers Sovaldi(TM) from Gilead Sciences and Olysio(TM) from Janssen Therapeutics, to treat chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in adults.

"FDA studies indicate that the latest HCV treatments, Sovaldi and Olysio, used in conjunction with other antiviral medications, result in cure rates of up to 90 percent after 12 weeks of therapy for patients in certain genotypes," says Vickie Andros, Director of Clinical Services at HealthStat Rx. "What's critical about these HCV cures is that they require careful management of medication delivery to be effective," she says. "That's where HealthStat Rx stands out. Our innovative medication management methodology, with our clinically proven success in working with virology patients is the perfect complement to physicians and healthcare networks that demand HCV success for their patients."

HealthStat Rx's national customer base includes hospitals, clinics, healthcare networks, home health care providers and patients with chronic disease. HealthStat Rx partners with patients and providers to drive superior outcomes. A 2013 medication adherence comparison study showed HealthStat Rx patients had a 35 percent higher adherence rate than that of similar study patients receiving their medications from a retail pharmacy chain. Another recent national study showed patients enrolled in HealthStat Rx's medication therapy management program benefitted from a 60 percent decrease in hospital re-admissions.

"We are excited to be part of this cure and look forward to partnering with doctors and patients who aim to attain optimal cure rates through perfect medication adherence," says Patrick Dunham, HealthStat Rx CEO.

Founded in 2000, HealthStat Rx has evolved into an integral partner in medication and care management for healthcare networks, hospitals, clinics and patients. The company provides services nationwide that maximize its successful medication management methods for numerous chronic diseases including HCV, HIV, diabetes and heart disease.


HealthStat Rx is passionate about improving the lives of millions of chronically ill people through its innovative and comprehensive medication therapy management program. Specially trained pharmacists and patient care coordinators form the foundation of the program and leverage MedPlan(TM), HealthStat Rx's enhanced, in-house EMR. Regular intensive interaction with caring HealthStat Rx professionals supports patients through the daily challenges of living with a chronic condition. HealthStat Rx is recognized as one of America's Fastest Growing Companies by Inc. Magazine. The company was also one of 10 finalists in Microsoft's Excellence in Innovation competition for its development and deployment of MedPlan(TM).

SOURCE: HealthStat Rx


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