June 12, 2013

Calls to help support local filmmaker raising awareness


Calls to help support local filmmaker raising awareness

SamanthaJ33169 12th Jun 2013 3:16 PM

Young local filmmaker, Lee Philipson, is currently making a name for himself in local and regional film festivals, having recently graduated from a Bachelor of Media through Southern Cross University. Despite a shortage of opportunities on a regional scale, Lee has been frivolously shooting and entering competitions as a pathway to the industry.

He recently entered a short film competition where entrants were asked to shoot a public service announcement raising awareness for Hepatitis-C, to de-stigmatise the illness. With a bounty of entries from all around the nation, Lee's short film "Hep C: See the person behind the illness" was selected by a panel of judges for the top six finalists. Now, Lee is busily promoting the film online to gain the many public votes, crucial to win the competition.

"It's amazing the amount of support you can get in a very short amount of time on social media sites like Facebook," the budding director claims, "but we're still looking to broaden the reach of our message".

Lee wants to encourage Coffs Harbour locals to rally behind him in support of regional film talent, to help get the word out that Coffs Harbour is fully committed to it's vibrant film community.

"It's not just about winning," says the filmmaker, "It's also really important that our film is able to reach out to people and let them know that Hepatitis C doesn't have to be a life sentence."
Lee encourages locals to head to the See The Real Thing competition website and vote for the film.

Head to the video gallery page and look for "Hep C- See the person behind the illness" By Lee Philipson.


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