September 14, 2012

A Day with HIV


By Gay TodaySeptember 13, 2012

Each day across the globe almost 7,000 people, including 900 children, will contract HIV, joining an estimated 34.2 million people already living with HIV. During any 24 hours more than 4,600 people around the world will die of an AIDS-related cause.

But on one day, Friday, September 21, people everywhere, both HIV positive and negative, can share an image of coping and care through the lens of a camera.

On that day, Positively Aware ( ), is asking people to take a digital photograph to record a moment of their day that will focus the world’s attention on the daily trials and triumphs of people living with HIV. For the third year A Day with HIV ( ) will help remove the stigma of HIV and to advance an international community of care through this collective photographic portrait.

On Friday, September 21 anyone can record a special image, a time with friends and family, at work or play, or any moment in the day that helps people better understand how HIV impacts people, loved ones, colleagues and communities. Photos need to be submitted by Tuesday, September 25 on the A Day with HIV web site. People can follow A Day with HIV’s Facebook page ( )) or on Twitter @A_Day_With_HIV ( to see updates and selected photographs, and to share the site and its vision with friends to help spread the word.

Here is the link to the full press release about A Day with HIV.

Kim Novino
Bridgeman Communications
(for A Day With HIV)
P: 508-695-9192


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