January 9, 2012

International symposium on stem cells and human liver disease, Paris, France

[Date: 2012-01-09]

An event entitled 'International symposium on stem cells and human liver disease' will take place from 12 to 13 March 2012 in Paris, France.

Many forms of human liver disease can currently be treated only with orthotopic liver transplant. Biological and technical advances related with human embryonic stem cells suggest that pluripotency may provide an alternative cell-based therapy for liver disease. The development of methods and tools to engineer stem cells is necessary to generate renewable cultures for clinical-grade, cell therapies.

The conference will highlight recent progress in liver development and stem cell differentiation in the context of cell therapy for chronic liver disease. Among the topics on the agenda will be:

- liver development ;
- differentiation of stem cells to hepatocytes;
- stem cell bioengineering;
- perspectives: clinical applications;
- perspectives: phamaco/toxicology;
- use of stem cells in regenerative strategies.

This event is sponsored by the EU-funded 'Development of culture conditions for the differentiation of hES cells into hepatocytes' (LIV-ES) project, which is looking at ways of developing innovative conditions and standardised protocols to provide a renewable source of human hepatocytes (liver cells) for the treatment of liver diseases.

For further information on the event, please visit: here
For further information on the project, please visit: http://www.liv-es.eu/

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