November 30, 2013

Helpful Hepatitis C Links


These are some really wonderful and informative HCV websites:

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HCV Advocate
"Welcome to - Here you will find information on hepatitis C (HCV), hepatitis C treatment options, articles, newsletters; information on living with hepatitis C ......"
"The goal of is to produce high-quality, accurate, and timely online information about treatment, management, and prevention of HIV, hepatitis B and C, HIV/HBV and HIV/HCV coinfection, and related conditions ......"

HCV Vets
" Educational Website & Support Forums are provided by past and presents members of the United States Military with Hepatitis C (HCV) to assist fellow Retirees/Veterans / Active Military and Dependents with awareness to the Hep C virus exposure methods during military service ......"

“Latest treatment news and information for patient advocates and people working in hepatitis in Europe …..”

Hep C News
"Welcome to the hepatitis C news community. Join us for news, views and features about hep C, read the real-life experiences of our guest bloggers, and learn about living well with the condition ......"

HepMag - Your Guide to Hepatitis (A Smart + Strong web publication)
”At Smart + Strong, we know that when you are armed with expert, unbiased health care information; when you are empowered and inspired to advocate for your needs; and when you can connect to others dealing with a similar health condition, you are more likely to survive-and thrive …...”


National Hepatitis C Helpline: Help4Hep
"Help.4.Hep is a trusted source of information, support and referrals .....”

CDC - Know More Hepatitis
"Why Baby Boomers Should Get Tested ...
More than 75% of adults with Hepatitis C are baby boomers. Baby boomers are people born from 1945 through 1965. Most of them don’t know they are infected."

Redefining the Hep C Journey
"Helping healthcare providers (HCPs) and advocates improve the lives of people with Hep C through education, information, and understanding ....."

Committed to Cure in HCV (Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma)
"Boehringer Ingelheim is pleased to announce the launch of, a new website for HCPs interested in HCV. With this online resource, we are committed to providing easy access to the latest information on HCV research and clinical practice. Here, you can find overviews of the Hepatitis C virus and HCV treatment options ....."

HCV: Master of Illusion -  “C the Virus” (AbbVie Pharma)
“Welcome to the first self-optimizing website from AbbVie for healthcare professionals. Here, your choices influence the very nature of our website. Every time you interact with the content, the look of our home page changes, reflecting what matters most to you and your peers.”

”Frontline Medical Communications (FMC) Clinical and Medical News divisions form the industry’s largest medical communications company. FMC serves more than 1 million physicians and other health care professionals with diverse print and interactive multimedia products and platforms, and live events …..”


Lucinda Porter, RN - Author, Hepatitis C Advocate and Health Educator
Creating a World Free of Hepatitis C one step at a time

I Help C
"Welcome to Your Best Friend Guide to Hepatitis C ...."

Hepatitis C Awareness
"..... I think, as I have always believed, that peer to peer support is crucial in acquiring knowledge, understanding, as well as support from others who are going through, or have gone through living with and treating Hep C ......"


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